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Press article

Ongoing work by Trading Standards officers in Scotland testing sellers of tobacco and nicotine vaping products (vapes) has found that 1 in 8 premises visited sold cigarettes, and 1 in 5 sold vapes to an under 18 volunteer. These are significantly worse results than expected and may in large part be caused by the child appealing nature of (in particular single use) vapes, and their wide availability in shops and service premises.

Trading Standards Officers work in partnership with the Scottish Government to monitor and support sellers, who need to comply with regulations associated with the retail sale of both tobacco and vaping products. Officers work with young (under-18) people locally and in tightly controlled test purchase situations to check that sellers are abiding by the law by asking for proof of age where appropriate and refusing to sell to children. Those found to be selling to under-18s can be issued with fixed penalty notices or even be banned from selling these products.

Last year, officers carried out test purchase operations at 312 premises across Scotland with 63 failures for vapes, and 268 attempted test purchases of tobacco with 33 failures. A full report can be found on the SCOTSS website here.

Last year saw a massive surge in popularity of single use or disposable vapes, which are cheap to buy and in the main use child appealing packaging to attract younger users. There is an unfortunate environmental impact as the products are mainly plastic and contain lithium batteries, and are commonly discarded carelessly after use.

David MacKenzie, Chair of SCOTSS commented:
“The health of young people is a key priority for Trading Standards and smoking is the greatest threat to their health and development, especially for younger children. These results are very concerning and we will be stepping up efforts this year to support sellers with advice, and continue to take enforcement action where sellers break the law. “

He continued:
“NVPs can be a useful cessation aid for smokers who want to give up smoking, but they are not intended as a lifestyle product for young people. The bright packaging colours and sugary and fruity flavours are child appealing, and the easy availability of single use vapes in particular is not helpful. We would like to see the same display rules applied to NVPs that is applied to tobacco, i.e. they are kept out of sight in store.”